Kevin Reitman - Owner

Kevin Reitman - Owner


Kevin Reitman (@Kevin_Reitman) is the owner of Reitman Education Solutions LLC.  He has been in education for 10 years and has a passion for innovation in education.  Kevin is a lifetime learner and educator that is inspired when teaching others and he is committed to making a difference. Through the use of technology and innovation, he strives to find ways to improve teaching and learning in schools. His primary goal is to partner with teachers and find better ways to meet the current needs of students.

  • As an experienced technology trainer, Kevin has worked with many teachers throughout the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to help implement the use of the Smart Board and G Suite for Education.  He has provided training for teachers with all different levels of experience.

  • As a Technology Coordinator at a K-8 Catholic school, he works daily to help improve instruction through the use of technology.  He understands the current needs for students, teachers, and administrators and is able to creatively solve problems with solutions that help with ease and efficiency.

  • As a former principal, he helped provide professional development and coaching for his staff with instructional technology.  He also focused on increasing innovation and efficiency with his own role. Finally, he helped other principals learn new ways of performing the jobs of a school administrator.

  • As a former teacher, he used a variety of technology tools with his students to help increase engagement and critical thinking.  He used G Suite for Education to create a workflow between him and his students. Finally, he also worked with fellow teachers to help implement these practices throughout the school.